UPDATED October 19, 2019
Due to health issues, the website/shop has been down. 
I am back to work and I have some pet tags available for purchase now and in the coming days until they are all up. If you'd like a specific design that you don't see in the shop, give me a shout.
I will be answering emails. Please message me (with any questions or concerns): 

Thank you!
wendy : )


About Us

Welcome to Tag Me! Pet Tags!

My background as a graphic designer has helped me to create fun designs for these unique etched pet tags. All of these tags are custom made and I just love making these tags because I know it'll be for your very special fuzzy friend. 

You’ll find unique etched pet tags and stamped pet tags all made by me. I take pride in my work and if there is a specific design you’d like to see or if you’re looking for a custom design, just email me at sales@tagmepettags.com to discuss it. 

We share our home with our cats and dogs (who have been an huge inspiration for these tags), birds, a laid back lizard, a donkey and 2 horses.

Animals and nature have always been a huge part of my life and I love being able to carry it over into my pet jewelry and other art work. 

Thanks for stopping by! 
wendy : )