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Colorful Daisy Chain Pet Tag

Colorful Daisy Chain Pet Tag
  • Colorful Daisy Pet Tag
  • Colorful Flower Dog Tag
  • Unique Dog Tags
  • Custom made dog tags
  • Fun Pet Tags
  • Colorful Daisy Pet Tag
  • Colorful Flower Dog Tag
  • Unique Dog Tags
  • Custom made dog tags
  • Fun Pet Tags

Please add your pet's name and contact information.

Size for Color Tags

This listing is for the etched brass (golden color) Colorful Daisy Chain design.
We've given our tags some colorful fun! Your pet's name will be on the front of the tag and your contact information on the back of the tag.

Please be aware of the length of the it will take for you to receive your tag. IT WILL BE LONG. Production time can take around 3 months or more, depending on my work load. I am the only one that makes these tags and I put a lot of love into each and every tag I make. If I don’t like the way the tag turns out, I will re-do it. 

1. When ordering, please send me: 
- Your pet’s name
- Font for your pet’s name. You may select a font from the list of 4 fonts or if you see a font on another tag, please let me know.
- Contact information for the back of the tag. I have enough space to add up to 2 phone numbers and an address. If you add less info, I do make it as large as possible so it will be easier to read.
- If you’d like any changes to the design, please let me know

2. After you send me your pet’s info (as listing in #1 above), I will work on the art proof for you pet’s tag. An art proof is a black and white version of the tag. Please be sure to check the art proof very carefully! This will give you a chance to catch any mistakes or make any changes.
After you receive and review the art proof, please reply back to let me know if the art proof is ok or if you’d like any changes. People make mistakes and some change their minds about design or font choice, so this is a good time to let me know. There is no charge for changes or for me to make changes.
Reviewing your art proof is a very important step! I cannot make any changes to the tag once I am finished with it. 

3. After I receive your approval, I will put your order in queue. During this time, you won’t hear back from me since I will be busy working on tags. You are welcome to email me to check on progress or maybe an estimated ship date. 


These tags are not recommended for pets that like to chew on their tags.

Your tag will not be exactly as shown since every piece is custom made. You have your choice of color combinations, just indicate your preference when ordering.

Please note, colors may appear different than the actual item because of photo lighting and monitor differences.

Metal - Brass

Brass is a warm golden color.

Patinas vary and the tag you receive will not be exactly as shown in the photo. If you have any questions, please contact me before placing your order.

Each tag is made by me, from brass and given a colorful patina. We have applied a clear sealant to slow down the tarnish of aging. It also comes ready to attach to your pet's collar with a nickel plated steel split ring (not brass color as shown in the photo).


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